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Frequently asked questions
Assistenza Tecnica
I don't remember how to access my account.
To access your account, just click the following link:
If you don't remember the username and password that you used when signing up, then enter your email in the corresponding field and they will be sent to you right away. We remind you that as a matter of security we can't accept requests for sensitive information via email or phone.

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I want to book a hotel listed on the site.
To request a reservation with one of the hotels on simply click on the link “Book” that is located on each hotel's profile.

If you want to send a general email to a group of hotels, first add the desired hotels to your “Favorites” by clicking “Add to favorites”, which is marked by a red heart next to each hotel listed in your search results as well as on the profile page of that hotel.

Then, after having selected the hotels to contact, click on the link “List favorites” that is located at the very top of the site, near
Once you've done that, you will be able to contact all the hotels by filling out the request form only once.

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I want to submit a complaint regarding a property.
You can send complaints to the email address; we ask you to submit the complaint to the municipal and provincial travel bureau of the aforementioned property as well.

These are, by law, the only facilities empowered to regulate and administer sanctions to those who disregard the law.

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